How powerful is your mindset? Is it strong enough to contend with the most successful performers on the planet?

Call it determination or perseverance, but whatever you name it, there’s no question that a strong mindset is a trait shared by the world’s leading performers – whether entrepreneurs, political leaders, famous musicians or athletes.

“But surely there is more to a strong mindset than the simple refusal to quit, right?”

  • True mind power originates from an amalgamation of mindfulness, concentration and pliability.
  • A strong mindset is what aids your cognitive progression to accept that the struggle is temporary and that it won’t undermine your success.
  • Ultimately it protects you from making self-destructive decisions and guides you into embracing grandeur.

So how does one cultivate this mindset that contends with the strongest performers on earth? You adopt the 10 habits that extraordinarily successful people follow on a day-to-day basis…

1. Live with Intent

“Ridiculously successful artists like David Bowie and Madonna possess a mindset that fashions a ravenous belief in their future success, acting as if their triumphs and fame is as certain as the sun, even before they’ve achieved it.”

This is a great example of the power of intent to build belief systems around the things you want to create or experience – and then realizing them.

2. Make Time to Think

“You need to grasp the importance of reflection and introspection.”

Successful people are certainly busy, but that doesn’t mean you have to constantly hustle with your head down. Take time to examine your progress and give your mind the space it needs to notice new ideas or opportunities that may arise.

3. Deal with Negative Thoughts

“Instead of attempting to suppress negative thoughts, acknowledge that they are merely thoughts with no inherent power and don’t latch on to them.

Top performers are aware of the negative thoughts that tend to derail most people and they know how to deal with them productively. In doing the same, you will be free to look at the situation from a different stance and replace the negative thought with a positive one that will serve you better.

4. Don’t Listen to “Haters”

“Champions do not give up their power by allowing external judgment to disturb their ambitions or self-confidence.”

When you are thriving in your success there is bound to be some haters that will attempt to deflate your bubble of glory. Look ahead and let it go!

5. Meditate

“Top performers know that moments of stillness equip them with the clarity to follow the direction they actually want to go.”

The goal of meditation is to calm the mind to create a better self-awareness around your thoughts and emotions. Methods of meditation vary but are all aimed at getting acquainted with yourself on a deeper level while at the same time lowering stress levels and anxiety.

6. Get a Coach

“If you want to be a top achievers with a strong mind you have to acknowledge the fact that a coach is a vital ingredient to pushing you to the next level.”

Most successful people invest in coaches to aid in their focus, adding accountability to the process and refining their expertise.

7. Read

“Cultivate the habit of becoming an avid reader and embrace the fact that broadening your general knowledge is one of the keys to growing the strength of your mindset.”

A characteristic shared by all successful people is their dedication to gathering information through reading, learning and showing interest in different aspects of life.

8. Set Clear Goals

Express your goals in writing or create a vision board to keep your objectives top of mind.”

Successful people know that defining their goals in specific terms helps to keep their eye on the prize.

9. Exercise

Successful people identify the connection between a healthy body, a strong mind and professional victory and habitually make the time to exercise regularly.”

We all know that regular exercise is essential to our well-being, yet we habitually fail to make it a priority. If you’re not naturally athletic the secret is to find something that you will enjoy. Instead of joining the gym and hating it – try something more holistic like Yoga or Pilates. Soon you will reap the benefits which are known to be the best motivators.

10. Have Fun and Laugh

“People who laugh often are more contented and more productive.” 

Laughter releases endorphins in the brain which combats stress and anxiety. Just as you would make time for stillness, reading and exercise; find the time for fun and laughter every day – even if it’s sharing a quick joke with a friend or colleague during your lunch break.

“When your mind is weak, you’re vulnerable to making bad decisions fuelled by fatigue, fear and panic.

“When your mind is strong, you can handle the entrepreneurial journey and ride the wave of success with confidence.”