About Grant

After 30 years in various leadership roles in the Australian Military and the corporate world I believe I can safely say I’ve seen the full range of the various different training and development programs, methodologies, packages and approaches.

I’ve always been interested in leadership, what it means to be a leader, what makes a good leader, are leaders born or can you develop leadership skills? Ever since I first joined the military I read books on military strategy, autobiographies of the great generals and strategic commanders such as Erwin Rommel, and Claude Auchinleck. I have always worked hard on improving my own leadership abilities and keeping up to date on emerging theories.

My military training and my time as a commander taught me about the importance of team dynamics and how to successfully lead people under extremely stressful conditions so that specific objectives could still be accomplished.

Because all this seemed like common sense and came so naturally to me it wasn’t until I left the military and started working in the corporate environment that I discovered my knowledge and abilities were transferable.

Whatever position I was in, I’d naturally end up in some kind of leadership role, and thoroughly enjoyed being able to get a whole team to work together to achieve a collective outcome.

Why Execforce?

I attribute the successes I’ve achieved in both my own businesses and in my various corporate roles to my ability to understand the dynamics at play within any group of people and how to get them communicating well and all working towards the same goal instead of inadvertently sabotaging one another through lack of understanding the outcome, or each other’s abilities.

Execforce is the result of over 10 years of development and delivery, after having seen first-hand the challenges faced by so many small businesses – and knowing there are no other programs out there that even come close to being able to deliver the results that we can. Delivering real time training, utilising real examples, with real results is what keeps me excited about the work we’re doing.

Seeing the difference in the teams after our programs is so rewarding, and hearing CEOs and General Managers say things like “I thought struggling with people issues was just an unavoidable part of business, but now I can see that it’s just a matter of creating a real team and giving them the tool boxes to achieve their own personal and professional goals” keeps me striving to develop and deliver the very dynamic programs that Execforce has become known for.

>> One on One Coaching

“I recently engaged the Execforce team to take part in our annual conference to help my team further develop skills and knowledge around communication, leadership, team work, balancing work & life challenges and health & wellbeing. Grant tailored the session specifically around the needs of where we identified some of the gaps for our team and what we wished to focus on, the session was a real highlight for all of the team and we are able to take some very valuable insights away from the session and back to not only our day jobs but day to day lives.

The life experience of Grant really resonated with the team and which resulted in a high level of engagement from all the team during the session.”

Michael Roche • Domestic Marketing Manager, GrainCorp Limited

“Seven Queensland partnered with Execforce to run a series of team building and leadership development workshops across our network of regional centres. Our goal was to have all our people working together as a cohesive effective team; clear on their goals, communicating more effectively, solving problems more easily and overall enjoying their work more.

The Execforce program is built to address real-world issues, in a real-world environment, so the content resonates well with participants. Grant also tailored the program to suit the dynamics of our business which made it that much more effective.

I’d highly recommend the Execforce Lead and Train program for any business looking for an effective and enjoyable way to get the whole team truly working together. Grant deliver’s a professional no-nonsense program that will engage your people at every level and deliver exceptional results.”

Ben Roberts-Smith • General Manager, Seven Queensland


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