Most of what individuals and teams do prior to any activity eg training, personal development,  any form of analysis has a direct representation on how they perform.

My belief is that mental preparation is one of the most critical aspects to this and helps every person achieve a focused, confident and calm mind-set to help them perform at their highest capacity.

Here are five major objectives to help you achieve a mental edge over your competitors.

1.    Cultivate Confidence

Being confident is the number one objective of your mental preparation. Maintaining some fundamentals on a daily basis can help to build confidence in the long run. These include:

– Structured rehearsals,

– Practicing a skill set,

– Proper preparation,

– Developing strategies,

– Cultivating a positive outlook

“To build confidence prior to an important meeting, presentation, or interview –  visualise yourself performing successfully, and review all the reasons why you are a confident and consummate professional.”

2.    Be the Corporate Athlete 

Change the routines in your life to mirror that of an elite athlete and remove the toxic aspects that are currently holding you back.

Take a critically look at your preparation for success:

– Are you eating correctly?

– Are you managing your fatigue?

– Are you allowing positive aspects to influence your life?

– Are you setting goals and reaching them?

“Start to think about performing at a level that warrants what you should be achieving. “

3.    Prepare for Adversity

With experience, all individuals learn how to cope with all kinds of adversity. Many situations that could cause you to lose focus, confidence or composure generally have “triggers” that will occur. Recognise and understand what those triggers are and learn to manage them.

If you get anxious when dealing with a difficult client or team member, then start to develop coping strategies that allow YOU to be in control. You determine the outcome because you have already perceived that an adverse situation might occur.

“The more you mentally prepare for these types of situations you are, the less of a problem they become. “

4.    Plan and Strategise 

When planning, take the time to also mentally prepare your team (if applicable).

Collectively form an understanding of what effects a changing environment may induce, and be prepared to re-align and modify the plan as required. Designing a plan around sound strategy provides for greater confidence and mind-set positioning.

“If you are confident in the outcome, leaving little to chance – your mental state will be better prepared to observe any changes and will be able to construe a different method to address change while still achieving the end goal.”

5.    Execution

What you focus on prior to execution is critical to your mental success. If you are distracted by other aspects that have little to do with reaching the goal or task at hand, you won’t be at an optimum level mentally.

“Manage your stress levels and anxiety through controlled breathing and success mapping and management.”

The final word…

Before going into a meeting or presentation, clear your mind, concentrate on your breathing, and visualise how the first 30 secs will go and what the successful outcome will be.

You will determine the outcome of what you want to achieve. You have completely prepared, left nothing to chance, taking into consideration all aspects that might be seen as adverse. You will succeed!