Feel like things are getting on top of you?.. Not enough time in the day?…

To transform your workday, start by transforming your morning. This 90-minute morning routine which we use as a basis for our Exec Performance Summit will not only change your life, but it will also help you have more meaningful, successful and productive days.

Here are seven steps to transforming The stat of your workday so you can accomplish more and Build a Stronger You!

1. Wake up earlier.

An early-morning routine is powerful because it allows you to take time for yourself. In the early hours, it’s quiet, and there are fewer people vying for your attention. Successful people begin their workday well before 6am and this additional front end time will allow you to utilise this additional time with something meaningful (read on) and it will set the right tone for your day.

2. Don’t look at your phone, start texting or answer emails.

When you grab your phone first thing in the morning to check messages, your mind can’t help but shift into a reaction mode. When you constantly check your phone, it can lead to an increase in immediate stress levels, because you feel an immediate need to respond to demands. Before you know it, you’ve lost control of your day.

Don’t let external Influences immediately dictate your priorities, give yourself at least an hour to focus without these distractions. The texts and emails will be there when your ready for them… You define your environment.

3. Check your Attitude.

The first principle of our mindset program is check you attitude. The best way to start your day with positive energy is immediately set your own agenda in your mind. Wake up and flood your mind with positive attitude and watch everything else that follows become achievable.

4. Revisit your Goals for the Day.

I’m sure you already know the importance of setting goals but revisiting them immediately sets your thought patterns on achieving. Write them down to remind yourself of what you are working toward and this will start to hardwire your brain for success.

5. Get moving.

A morning workout is invigorating, especially if you have great music or a motivational podcast that gets you fired up. A physical activity regime that incorporates movement, muscle conditioning and pushing your limits is what Exec Fit is all about. But running, yoga, weight training or even a brisk walk can be good for your health and will lead to you being more productive.

6. Eat smart.

As your mental state in the morning sets you up for succes for the day, what you eat for breakfast helps determine what you’ll eat throughout the day. If you begin with a healthy breakfast, you’re more likely to continue that trend. Starting the day with with a healthy smoothie, oats or fruit is a smart way to set your body cravings in the right direction… Remember: Your health is everything. It deserves more attention than those texts or emails on your phone.

7. Make time for yourself.

This can be the most important part of your morning routine. Take some time to be alone and enjoy it. You can use this time to focus on the up coming day through a stretch or salutation. Incorporate breathing and visualisation of something that’s going to be a large part of your work day allows you to start to dominate your environment.

So thinking there is no way I can afford 90 mins for all those 7 things then change the way your thinking and start saying I need to incorporate this morning routine into the start of my great productive day. Try it for a Monday to Friday period and just see how much of a difference beginning things the right way will set you on an immense path of personal and professional happiness, focus and success and BUILD A STRONGER YOU!!.